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Disabled Access / Home Lifts

The K-Motion is the best traction lifting platform available on the market today. With no waste of fundamental resources, low energy consumption , space saving and a simplistic installation this is a true economical solution. 

Ergonomic and effeciant, the K-Motion is the perfect solution for residential, commercial, retail, public and office buildings where the traffic or constraints warrant a lifting platform.

The K-Motion is characterised by the complete absence of a machine room and developed with a high effeciency gearless motor, counterweight, and the requirement of a pit of only 100mm and headroom of 2450mm.

Polyurethane coated ropes and a gearless motor offer a noise free experience during travel, a low energy consumption that represents less than 170 watts for each 100kg of rated load and a standby mode giving complete energy efficiency.

The car operating panel inside the lift can be configured in many ways. Floor selection can be controlled via standard push buttons or via a scrolling button, a fingerprint reader for access control and for intelligent direct call, multi-language voice annoucer, full display of current floor levels and full led illumination. 

Powered from a standard 240v supply, the k-motion can be compared to any other household appliance.

Every K-motion is built with up to 98% of recyclable materials, because there is no way to lead without environmental respect and being eco friendly. 


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